Moving to a new city can be mentally taxing especially if you don’t know what to expect from the city you’re moving into. However, with the right information, you will know the nitty-gritty of the city and make the right decision.

Not sure whether or not to move to Jacksonville? This article would help you make an informed decision. We’ve explored all you need to know about moving to Jacksonville, FL in this article. 

Read on to know more about Jacksonville and what to expect before you move.

About Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, popularly known as Jax by the residents, has the highest population in Florida and is one of the largest cities (by area) in the United States. It is located on the Atlantic coast of northern Florida. It was founded in 1822 and named after Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida.

Jacksonville, FL is mostly known for its awesome weather, beaches, attraction centers, and its preservation of culture and arts. It has the most shoreline and urban park system of any Florida city. Because of its beauty, it attracts tourists from all over the world which has greatly contributed to the growth of its economy.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Move to Jacksonville, FL 

Most people relocate and visit Jacksonville, FL because of its beaches and nice weather. However, there is more to living in Jacksonville than its beaches and weather. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Jacksonville.

1. Affordable Housing 

Jacksonville is one of the cities in Florida that offers affordable housing. You’ll be surprised at how affordable real estate is in Jacksonville, FL compared to other places. The cost of real estate in Jacksonville is 20% below the national average and there are varieties of apartments in various neighborhoods that you can explore.

There are also low-income rental apartments available in various environments in Jacksonville, FL. If you can’t afford to buy an apartment, you can find a low-budget rental apartment that you can move into.

2. Quality Education

As a parent or intending parent, one of the important things to consider before moving into a new city is the quality of schools available in the city. Jacksonville, FL provides access to quality education at all levels because of the high-ranked schools in the city. There are public and privately owned schools that operate in Jacksonville.

3. Lots of Job Opportunities

Jacksonville’s growing economy has paved the way for many job opportunities in the city. The economic diversity in the city provides a wide range of jobs for people in different sectors. The rate of unemployment in the city is low compared to other cities of comparable sizes in Florida.

4. Low Cost of Living 

One of the important things to consider when moving to a new city is the city’s cost of living. The cost of living in Jacksonville, FL is lower than the national average by 6%. It is no surprise the city has more house owners than renters. You can quickly save up money to buy a house when your expenses are not much.

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Jacksonville, FL 

There are more than 500 neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL where you can choose to live in Jacksonville. If you’ve decided to move to Jacksonville, here’s an insight into the best neighborhood you can move into.


Riverview is located on the northside of Jacksonville. It is a fine area with beautiful and well-outlined streets. It is one of the suburban neighborhoods with the cheapest house rent in Jacksonville. The neighborhood is diversified and it is home to people from different parts of the state. It is a safe and accommodating area that is suitable for building a family. 


If you’re looking for a neighborhood with serenity, Deerwood is for you. The neighborhood offers a quality lifestyle, low crime rates, access to basic amenities, and a good school system. Deerwood is the most sought-after area by the residents because of its proximity to the beaches and downtown.


Southside has some of the most beautiful views in Jacksonville. It is a bustling area that has many malls and shopping centers where you can get all you need with ease. The neighborhood also offers the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. If you’re a lover of a hustling and bustling environment, you’d love it there.


Highlands is a great residential area with friendly neighbors. The area has shopping plazas where you can shop for groceries easily, restaurants, and outdoor activities. The rents are cheap and quite affordable too.


One of the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL is Brentwood. Its crime rate is low and it’s suitable for raising a family. The neighborhood is well-established and also has some great schools for kids.

Some other neighborhoods suitable for living in Jacksonville, FL includes:

  • Bartram Park 
  • San Marco 
  • Orange Park 
  • Bay Meadows 
  • Mandarin

Pros and Cons of Living in Jacksonville, FL

Although Jacksonville is a great city to live in with its good living conditions, like every other city, however, it has its pros and cons. So, here’s what you need to know.


  • Weather. Jacksonville’s weather is one of the things people love about the city. You get to enjoy hot, humid summers and serene winters.
  • Beaches. The beaches in Jacksonville are another thing to enjoy. It’s always beach season in Jacksonville all year round. 
  • Many Fun Activities. There is never a boring moment in Jacksonville. There are many outdoor fun activities and places to visit. You can visit the museum, zoo, parks,  beaches, restaurants, etc. 
  • Low Cost of Living. The cost of living in Jacksonville is relatively low compared to other large cities. The houses are cheap and affordable and the economy is favorable.


  • Crime Rate. The crime rate in some neighborhoods is high. Around 60% of the metro areas are dangerous.
  • Traffic. Because of its rising population, the roads are becoming busy and congested.
  • Low Income. The income rate in Jacksonville is lower than the national average. This is due to the nature of the job available and the pay scale. This, however, doesn’t affect the economy because of the low cost of living.

FAQs – Moving to Jacksonville, FL

Got more questions about moving to the Sunshine State? Check the FAQs below.

Is Jacksonville, Florida a good place to live?

Yes, Jacksonville, FL is a good place to live if you’re looking for a city with a low cost of living, a quality lifestyle, and easy access to beaches. The Sunshine State offers all of these and more.

What is it like living in Jacksonville, Florida? 

Living in Jacksonville, FL is a good experience and feeling. You’ll get to go to the beach however and whenever you feel like it, you have access to world-class attractions, you can go fishing, and eat good food. The residents also enjoy basic amenities and quality education.

What is Jacksonville known for?

Jacksonville is known for its beaches and largest urban park system in the state. It is also known as the most populous city in Florida.

Fun facts about Jacksonville Florida?

Here are some fun facts you probably don’t know about Jacksonville:

  • Jacksonville, FL is the most populous city in Florida.
  • Jacksonville was initially named Cowford and renamed in 1822 after President Jackson.
  • It is also known as Jax or the Sunshine State.
  • It has many great restaurants.
  • It’s mostly known for its beaches.

What to do in Jacksonville, FL?

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, there are many fun things you can do in Jacksonville, FL. Here are some.

  • Visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.
  • Shop at St. Johns Town Center.
  • Visit the popular Museum of Science and History (MOSH).
  • Visit the Riverside Arts Market.
  • Go relax at any of the beaches.
  • Visit the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens.

Bottom Line 

Jacksonville, FL is a beautiful city with lots of opportunities to offer. If you’re a lover of good weather, quality lifestyle, and world-class attractions, you shouldn’t think twice about it. Jacksonville is definitely for you!

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