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Trusted by many customers for their moving needs. Getting the services of Teleport Moving will allow you to have peace of mind as you move to your new location. 

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Need some help moving from or into Winter Park Florida? Our team would love to be part of your relocation. So if you’re looking for movers in Winter Park, we’re ready!

Now, if you love a bit of history like me, here’s a fun fact for you about this city! Located to the north of Orlando, the city of Winter Park was founded back in 1858 when David Mizelle purchased an eight-acre piece of land situated between lakes Virginia, Berry, and Mizelle. The town which was initially named Lake View, due to its close proximity to the above-mentioned lakes, was renamed Osceola in 1879. About two years later, the area was renamed, Winter Park.


Winter Park Movers

“Being part of the community and helping those in need has always been a part of who we are as a team. It is something my parents taught me and something I want to continue doing and encourage my children to do”.

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It’s pretty easy to get confused with so many moving companies in Tampa, FL. Be warned though - not all local moving companies are the same!

At Teleport Moving And Storage, we’re proud to be the #1 local moving company in Florida. Some of the things that set us apart from our competitors are:

  • Affordable rates: We’re willing to do a price match if you find the same service at a lower price!
  • Honesty: Customers trust our services because we pride ourselves on honesty and reliability. We provide full transparency to our clients.
  • Free quotes: We encourage all of our customers to request a free non-obligatory quote each time they enquire about our services. This estimate ensures that they fully understand what they are being charged for.

See how simple we make moving? All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

Winter Park Florida Movers

Still interested in more history on this town? Awesome! …While the town started out as a citrus growing center, it quickly became a resort town designed for wealthy northerners seeking to get away from the unpleasant winter weather. Its tranquil surroundings and appealing weather gave it an irresistible appeal.

Over the years, Winter Park’s population has grown to almost 30,000 residents, and nine square miles in area, at present. This is mainly due to annexation. However, the town still retains its quiet charm; and it’s hard to believe that there can be an area as quite right next to the hustle and bustle of Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

The median age of local residents is estimated to be around 43 years of age, while median income and median home value are estimated to be around $59,405 and $320, 300 respectively.

Some Coool Attractions!

Winter Park is home to a number of prominent features including the Park Avenue shopping District, lakes, Central Park, tree canopy, and Rollins College. The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival draws more than a quarter million visitors to the town each year.

The town is also home to the Winter Park sinkhole, which swallowed in its depths, a house, a number of cars, and a large part of an entire city block back in 1981. The sinkhole, situated north of Fairbanks avenue and west of Denning Drive has since then been stabilized and now resembles a small lake after the completion of landscaping efforts initiated by the city.

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