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Ahead of every move, you will need to pack all your possession from your new home as you wait for the moving company. It would be a good idea to work with friends or family, or even the moving companies to help you pack your items- because this is quite an involving task.

 You have probably done your homework and collected several packing boxes, and stacked them into your house. What’s next is packing your possession into the boxes as you wait for the moving truck. A few packing tips should make the process fairly easy for you.

What is the 5 4 3 2 1 Packing Rule?

Helpful packing tips

The following packing tips should go a long way into making the process less of a headache;

  1. For starters, the boxers have to be labeled. The labeling is done in terms of where the items belong in. This means that items from one room will need to go in one box to avoid mixing them when unpacking.
  2. You will have to get rid of all that which you don’t need. This will create extra space and ensure that all that you need is carried. You can sell or donate them to create more space for the important items.
  3. Heavy items need to be placed in small boxes while packing. If the heavy boxes were placed in large-sized boxes, you would find them difficult to carry to the truck or even when loading or unloading them.
  4. Special items will need to be packed in special packages to prevent them from being damaged. These include shoes, books, and even laundry. Laundry will need to be folded appropriately, and books need to be well-arranged.
  5. Fragile items and electronics such as refrigerators will need to be packed in a required manner. This will make carrying them easier and also reduce the chances of risk of damage on them.

Packing might have taken a toll on you, but you should be glad to have completed it all. Some tips will guide you on what to do on a moving day. On the D-day, which is the moving day, there are a few things that you should do to ensure that the day is successful. For starters, pets will need to be controlled to prevent them from panicking.

You will also have to get furniture and electronics into the moving truck first. However, please let the movers do their thing since they are much experienced at what they do. The best movers Orlando will guarantee satisfactory results!

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